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Coalesce Global’s Scope of Operations Includes Lead Mining, Agriculture and Timber Export.

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The Coalesce Assurance

At Coalesce Global, We are driven by a vision of providing top-notch services in mining, agriculture, wood export and general contracts. We aim to provide sustainable and quality service delivery, thereby improving the living standards of people.


Our team is well positioned for the mining and export of solid minerals and rare metals.

Solid Minerals & Rare Metals

We are one of the major companies pursuing the development of Nigeria’s solid minerals resources. We are well positioned for the mining of metallic minerals and rare metals.

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Our Agricultural activities include a cucumber plantation with capacity to produce more than 10 tonnes annually


Coalesce Global Limited has invested tremendously in professionals in agriculture-fields, equipment and years of continuous development and improvement in all areas of our integrated cucumber farming operations.

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Timber Export

We produce quality timber products for export including kosso and doussie timber.

Quality Timber

Coalesce Global Limited has operations in timber processing and export. We process and export high quality timber sourced from approved locations around Nigeria. We produce premium timber products.

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General Contracts

We provide first-class workforce to help you produce first-class results.

From Planning to Execution

At Coalesce, we have a vast network of professionals, developers, designers, technicians and administrators to handle various general contracts that our clients entrust upon us.

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Who We Are

Coalesce Global Limited is an indigenous Nigerian company which was conceived in 2015. Our drive is fueled by the zeal to produce top quality products and services for Nigeria and the international market. This is evident in the quality of work and products we have delivered to our clients. We pride ourselves for employing only the best technical resources to provide the best feasible service for our clients.

Trusted Partners and Clients

Our clients and partners love doing business with us because  all oiur projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials.

Coalesce Global Ltd.

We are continuously evolving and understand the different aspects of delivering high value products and services with ease.


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